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What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

As a business owner I’m assuming you’ve come across the term ‘consultant’. Before becoming a digital marketing consultant myself I thought of a consultant as a person who wears a pinstripe suit, has a rolex and get’s paid $250,000 minimum. Is fast talking and lives an international jet setting lifestyle.

I’m sure there are some out there that do, but a consultant should be a person that solves a business problem. Has a specific skill set that is in demand and solves a problem for a client. Since becoming one I’ve noticed consultants for all industries from finance, security and event management

Digital Marketing Consultants are no different. We help solve a specific problem within an organisations digital landscape and therein unfortunately, lies a problem. Digital Marketing is a huge field, a quick Google search will find many areas of  digital marketing RELATED to:

Web: Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Blogging, Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Outreach, Back linking, Guest Posting, Graphic Design, Video Marketing

Social: Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Marketing, Linkedin Advertising, Instagram, Youtube Advertising

Other: Retargeting, Inbound Marketing, Calls to Action, App Development, Email Marketing plus many many others

It makes my head spin just thinking about it and I work in the industry

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I'm a NZ based Digital Marketing Consultant. I run an agency in Auckland where I live with my wife and two boys. This is my blog where I cover how-to marketing strategies, book reviews and technologyRead more...

Why you need a Digital Marketing Consultant

1. You’re missing out on sales

A quick search in Google and the right tools can tell me how many potential customers are searching for your product any month. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool inside Google Adwords that can show you how many searches a specific keyword is receiving.


Digital Marketing Consultant Auckland



Above you can see that Digital Marketing Consultant is receiving 10-100 searches a month. Whereas ‘Plumber + Auckland ‘



Google Search Auckland Plumber


With these kinds of numbers looking for Plumbers in Auckland, I can only imagine what ‘Plumbers London’ or ‘Plumbers New York’ will be!

2. You can copy your competition’s strategy

Everything can be tracked and traced for the most part online, this is the new world. A major advantage is we can apply what is already working. Competitive Analysis, when done right can give us lots of information about our rivals like:

  • where are they getting their customers
  • what keywords are they using to get visibility
  • how much are they paying for their Google Adwords
  • Where are they getting their backlinks from etc…

This takes a lot of the guess work out of digital marketing.

3. It’s Measurable

Aside from the phone ringing and enquiries popping into your email, which is the ultimate from a sales perspective in terms of measurement. All digital activities can be measured through tools like Google Analytics, Adwords and a multitude of other tools

Back in the day, when I sold advertising it was a bit of a hit and hope approach. I still think traditional advertising is important ie. magazines, newspapers and radio. But now requires a very strategic approach ie. holidays or black Friday, new product launch, seasonal change but will also need to be used in conjunction with other activities like online

4. Partners can help each other

You’re partners, suppliers, accountant, lawyer, customers and every stake holder you can image can help you with your business. Things they can do include:

  • leaving reviews on Google My Business, Facebook or industry specific sites
  • You can return the favour and leave one for them
  • Like each others pages and share content
  • introduce you to their network via social media

You will be surprised how many opportunities are only that are 1 degree of seperation away. More importantly how you can leverage them as friends, family members that know you and your work, ask nicely to leave an honest review

5. It’s Affordable

I charge between $500 – $2,000 per month for my services and can include Adwords Management, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management. Even for small businesses that’s achievable… Disclaimer: So long as there is a return!

I have a client who is a one man band (sole trader) who I charge $500 per month to run and optimise his adwords, he generated $900 in his first month. Not amazing! but it’s early days and it’s $900 he wouldn’t have got unless his customers found him online

What you need to consider when hiring a consultant

Business Skills

Above all the technical jargon and acronyms (PPC,SEO etc) that we like to use. Does the digital marketer understand how businesses work? might sound obvious but why is this important? The biggest reason to hire a marketing consultant should be to grow your business. I understand there are auxiliary aspects like branding, awareness, education etc that might not have an immediate commercial affect on the business. However, if sales are not being generated then there is no return on investment therefore no benefit to the business

A good consultant should ask the right questions about your business

  • how are customers acquired
  • how long is a typical sales cycle , what’s the range?
  • who are the decision makers and influencers in the buying decision
  • can you take on more business?
  • whats the average sale of your product?
  • how many incoming phone/email/web enquiries are you getting a month?


When having the initial conversation about your needs, it’s important to get a gauge for how relevant the skills are from the consultant to your business. Seeing previous work adds credibility, but you also want to know what will the marketer do differently form other companies in your niche.

Based on the discovery session about your business, will they bring to the table a completely customised plan of attack or is it more of a cookie cutter approach from a previous client? Digital Marketing is a constantly moving beast. One week a technique is going great and then Google does an update and that technique is useless.


All the theory about how an agency will rank you sounds good, but how do you know all this work they say they’ll do will get you results? A good consultant will have this covered and offer you either a weekly or monthly report. I can give you daily updates if you really want. These can be as simple as a spreadsheet detailing the work that has been completed, through to complete softward platforms with user names and passwords so you can track rankings

I use Agency Analytics and looks something like this:

marketing consultant agency analytics


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